Build trust in sustainability claims.

Maximizing traceability to minimize our collective impact.

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Digital Product Passports powered by reliable data.
In line with new legislations from EU and US

Aware is
the solution
for the new era

We make data public to track and validate end-to-end impact of sustainable textiles from origin to consumers.

Our common problem lies in today’s outdated sustainability claims system (inefficient, costly and time consuming). Aware™ is the solution for the new era — The unlock for minimising our collective impact.

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Aware™ unites a physical tracer with public blockchain technology for trusted traceability.

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How it works


Aware™ Tracer

Uniting physical and digital flows

The Aware™ Tracer is a physical marker embedded into any type of raw material at the source. The Aware™ scanner is used to authenticate the sustainable material anywhere, anytime.

Aware™ Public Blockchain

An open and accessible real-time log

Suppliers log their production data to Aware™’s public blockchain platform creating a virtual supply flow of materials forward. This digital twin delivers the integrity of data crucial to the circular process.

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Exploratory conversation to understand your vision, sustainability goals, materials and supply chain.


We connect your supply chain with a global network of trusted partners.


We onboard your supply chain and track and validate textile impact from origin to consumers.